To me, photography is more than a profession, it is a consuming passion. It represents a way to capture a moment of time and hold it forever, allowing the viewer to see that singular moment through the eyes of the photographer.

I have been a professional photographer for 40 years and have worked in diverse fields of photography including photojournalism, editorial, commercial, wedding/event, entertainment, product and fine art.

My career began in college working as a writer, photographer and editor for various newspapers and magazines. After graduating with a degree in history and photojournalism, I worked in commercial studios as a wedding, portrait and corporate photographer in Utah and Florida. For 22 years I was the chief photographer at the University of Florida Relations department providing photography for a variety of clients and publications.

My photographs have been published in 68 magazines and over 60 newspapers.

I am the author/photographer of the internationally released book "The Civil War Soldier: A Photographic Journey" and was the principal photographer/editor for  “Gainesville Alive With Opportunity” and  co-photographer for “University of Florida-Palm and Pine”. My photographs have also appeared in 8 other books by various authors. 

As a fine art and scenic photographer, my work has been featured in over 45 gallery exhibits. Many of these exhibits have featured my hand colored photography, which uses various mediums to turn black and white photographs to color, in a style similar to early postcards.

Professional awards include two Golden Gator Awards for Creativity, a Silver Reel Award from the U.S. Film Commission, two first-place awards from the University Professional Photographers Association, a first-place CASE award and a Jurors Choice award from the Florida Arts council.

Besides my commercial and editorial photography, I specialize in documenting historical sites, events and re enactments. As our world changes , much of our past is forgotten or lost to progress and development. I feel it is important to document these sites and lifestyle to help preserve our past for future generations.

In addition to my interests in photography and history, I am also a musician and enjoy performing and documenting the arts through my lens.